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    This site will feature articles about sagittarius relationships, advice and more. Those who know the two professional dancers best, in fact, have reportedly made comments to both Ballas and Hough that imply a relationship between the two.

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    (In some weddings the sheet is shown.) Guests offer gifts of money to the couple, placing the bills in a carved-out loaf of bread or announcing the amount with words such as, "from me a little, from God much more." Marriages are customarily arranged by the parents, with the matchmaking usually initiated by the parents of the groom. Unmarried young men and women are not allowed to socialize alone together, as great value is placed on female chastity. Young marrieds live with the parents of the husband.The bride is called bori, which means "one that my vitsa has acquired through marriage." The bori takes on most household tasks, giving up all outside activities for some time.But it is a worse violation of the marimé code for a Roma female to marry a gadjo, because Roma women are the guarantors for the survival of the population.In the case of a mixed marriage, many tribes consider the children Roma only if the father is Roma.As we are a site that wants to preserve the past of the Romany at times we take it for granted when we write, that people will know its meant in the past tense The Traditions and Culture mentioned below maybe more about their past ,but much of it still does continue today The work situaton like for all societies has changed for the Romany with modern life and they have adapted like others to keep their families clothed and fed.This only goes to show how adapt Romany people can be to changes , but they can still hold on to their cultural beliefs and traditions..Strict rules stipulate girls aren't allowed to approach boys, so it's up to the males, aka the 'grabbers', to tempt the girl away from her group of friends and try to get a kiss off her, even sometimes going as far as twisting her arm.

    Even with respect to other Roma, permissible marriage choices may be restricted.The power structure in the traditional Romani household has at its top the oldest man or grandfather, and men in general had more authority than women.Women gained respect and authority as they got older.Dancing and singing are as important as tables bending under the weight of the food.After it is established that the bride is a virgin, guests don red armbands.

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